The Red Cyclone
Universe Capcom
Debut Street Fighter II
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Ryu
New Hercules
Wreck-It Ralph
Casey the Zangief Kid
Enemies Mike Haggar
Smosh (Ian Lose so many time's by Him)
Amy Rose
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


Neutral B: Spinning Piledriver

Zangief grabs his opponent and holds them upside down by the waist, then leaps into the air in a sitting position with the opponent's head between his legs. Spinning rapidly, Zangief slams the opponent headfirst into the ground for massive damage (15%). A well-timed Spinning Piledriver can grab an opponent in mid-attack, making it possible to stop some Super/Ultra Combos. The range of The Spinning Piledriver is far greater than that of a standard throw, meaning Zangief can surprise opponents by grabbing them from a distance as they are performing another move. Zangief can also take advantage of an opponent who is blocking by transitioning into the Spinning Piledriver as they attempt to counterattack.

The EX version does more damage (20%).

Side B: Banishing Flat

Zangief performs a two-step spinning slap with his hand engulfed in a colored (usually green) energy (15%).

It is quite powerful and has good range, due to Zangief's large fist and the fact that he moves forward. The attack closes distances quite effectively, and can even dissipate the fireballs and other projectiles that Zangief hates so much.

The EX version knocks down the foe, and is good for ending combos (20%). However, the move is generally unsafe if blocked.

Up B: Double Lariat

Zangief stretches his arms out horizontally and clenches his fists, and then simply spins in an effort to hit the opponent (2% per hit). The attack greatly reduces the size of Zangief's hit box while in motion, and allows fireballs, even some super-powered versions, to pass him by with ease & can also doing in Mid-Air.

The lariat is quite easy to spam (that is, repeatedly use without finesse while still obtaining good results), and Zangief cannot be knocked out of it with most attacks.

The EX version goes faster and does more damage (4% per hit).

Down B: Flying Power Bomb

Zangief stretches his arms out like a bear, then rushes a short distance towards his opponent (informally known as a Running Bear Grab). If the pursuit is not evaded, Zangief performs a Flying Power Bomb: he grabs the opponent by the shoulders and jumps, then slams him/her head-first into the ground (15%).

Down B (Closer): Atomic Suplex

Zangief performs the Atomic Suplex, which is also known by the name Siberian Bear Crusher: stepping behind his opponent, he grabs them around the waist and lifts them up, falling backwards while he does in order to drive them head-first into the ground; still holding onto his opponent's waist, he then flips and jumps, performing the same maneuver again from mid-air (15%).

Final Smash 1: Final Atomic Buster

Zangief attempts to grab the opponent; if successful, he performs two Atomic Suplexes, finishing with a Spinning Piledriver (55%). It is a very deadly Super Combo, but stumbles often due to its awkward activation and low range. Even so, it is essential for Zangief players to master and use effectively, especially since it is ideal to finish foes off with for a "__ hit Super Combo finish" bonus.

Final Smash 2: Siberian Blizzard

Zangief performs an ascending, multi-hitting Double Lariat. ("I am the protector of Russia's skies!") - in an attempt to grab an airborne opponent. If successful, Zangief grabs them and puts them in a headlock, spinning them higher up in the air ("Siberian..."). He then puts them into a reverse-crucifix clutch and drives them head-first into the ground (70%)("...Blizzard!"). After that, he jumps to the side ("Intercepted!").

Though the Siberian Blizzard only works against airborne or grounded opponents, it is guaranteed to grab them no matter how slightly off the ground they are. As a result, the Siberian Blizzard can be used rather well to counter-act backdashes and certain special attacks.




Up Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt: "I'm Zangief and i'm bad guy!"



Character Description

Born and raised in the Soviet Union, Zangief is an incredibly patriotic character who has been motivated in some way to fight for his Motherland in every single game he has ever been in. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior depicted that Zangief was from the U.S.S.R. when the game was released in 1991. The Soviet Union ceased to exist by the end of 1991, but due to the heavy use of Soviet iconography in and around Zangief's character, including his homestage (where an iron plant complete with a giant hammer and sickle logo imprinted on the floor), Zangief was depicted as being from the U.S.S.R. as late as 1998, when Street Fighter Alpha 3 was released (though justifiably, the Alpha series takes place between the first and second games, meaning the U.S.S.R. still existed as of then). Street Fighter IV was the first time Zangief was depicted as being from the Russian Federation in 2008. Zangief's personality has varied from one media source to another, but he's mostly been portrayed as a very fearless and tactiful fighter who's prone to quick temperments, and is always very competitive. Zangief is a man who is immensely proud of his physique, and constantly belittles his opponent's smaller muscular build and blaming their losses on their smaller physique. Despite his short temper, Zangief has shown himself to be rather gentle-natured with a good sense of humor at times, once entering a tournament partly to win the admiration of a group of school children. According to the instruction manual of Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition for the Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive, Zangief is described as being "good natured, with a great sense of humor, and totally fearless."

Zangief can be easily misled by his overwhelming sense of patriotism for his home country. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, it was revealed that Gorbachev's intentions for Zangief is only for political gain, although Zangief fails to realize this and continues to fight for the glory and honor of Russia, no matter what the reason may be.

While not fighting, Zangief enjoys cossack dancing, vodka, and borscht. Some of the things which he doesn't like includes young women (because he views them as a distraction), bears that don't know how to wrestle properly, and (according to the manual for Super Street Fighter II Turbo for the 3DO) Tiger Shots, Hadoukens, and Yoga Fires.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack - Strikes the opponent with his palm open, before doing so as well with the other hand, and finally finishing off the opponent with a massive dropkick.
  • Dash Attack - Charges forward with his shoulder, before rolling onto it and standing back on his feet.


  • Side - Creates what seems like a bear claw formation with his right hand and swipes forward at opponents.
  • Up - Headbutts opponents above him with his massive head.
  • Down - Crouches low to the ground and swings his arm from the background to the foreground, sweeping opponents and causing a hard knockdown.


  • Side - Reaches forward and grabs the opponent, before holding them by their legs, spinning around in signature Red Cyclone fashion, and tossing them forward.
  • Up - Leaps in the air with his arms out, and if he grabs an opponent, he tosses them up into the air.
  • Down - Spins around with his arms outstretched toward the ground. If he comes into contact with an opponent, he lifts them up and slams them into the ground.


  • N-Air: Peforms his signature Red Cyclone spin (Double Lariat), knocking opponents away from all sides of him.
  • F-Air: Dropkicks the opponent. Not much potential for follow-up attacks, but it is very powerful.
  • B-Air: Spins around and swings back with one of his fists.
  • U-Air: Performs a somersault in the air, with his head attacking opponents above him.
  • D-Air: Kicks downward with both of his feet, and can spike opponents.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab - Grab with both hands.
  • Pummel -
  • Forward -
  • Backward -
  • Up -
  • Down -


  • Ledge attack: Gets up on the ledge and peforms a jumping straight kick.
  • 100% ledge attack: Gets up and peforms a strong left punch.
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role in Story Mode






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